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17 July 2008 @ 06:31 pm
*flashfic: fruity friendships  
Title: fruity friendships
Author: vicvickyrox
Rating: G
Genre: friendship, AU (with robots)
Length: flashfic (876 words)
Characters: Sooyoung, Tiffany(using her real name, Stephanie), Tablo (using his real name, Daniel), Jonghyun, Heechul
Comments: done for as my british council homework. beta-ed by my teacher.

Mustering all her courage, she stepped forward, facing the thousands of blank faces staring back at her. Her hands started shaking, her face grew hot and she could feel the still silence creeping up her back. She needed to focus somewhere. Anywhere but them, anywhere but the audience. She could see her sister waving at her, mouthing the words “you can do it”. She took a deep breath and began to tell her story.

Stephanie stood tall and proud as the announcer’s voice boomed from the speakers. “Daniel Armand Lee, Choi Sooyoung, Kim Jonghyun and Stephanie Hwang, please proceed to the next stage. Stephanie Hwang will be rewarded with a new skill for her excellent results.” Both Jonghyun and Daniel were staring at her with lovesick eyes, they loved the way her eyes could not be seen when she smiled. I was happy. My best friend and I had made it to the third round! Slowly and cautiously, we walked towards an orange door. “BOOM!” the doors flung towards us while we ran and ducked. The air was filled with something smelling strangely like orange-scented perfume. Slowly, we peeked out from under the table. “THE COAST IS CLEAR!” I shouted. The four of us held hands and walked through the orange doors.

It was a city! Orange cars, orange people, orange everything! Then, an orange person appeared in front of us, wearing a white suit with orange patterns. He introduced himself as Heechul, the mayor’s assistant. He had been assigned to brief us about this stage. “Hello, all you weird looking creatures! Welcome to Stage Three, Orange Paradise! In this stage, you will have to make as many Orangey friends as you can! You are allowed to use any method, and the two people with the highest number of souvenirs from their new friends will proceed to the next round.” Both Jonghyun and Daniel sniggered at the strange requirement. I knew boys were never good at making friends this fast! Immediately, I approached a quirky looking female Orangey. “Hello, I am Sooyoung from Hallyu! Will you be my friend?” Immediately, a smooth, robotic voice answered, “Of course, Sooyoung.” She walked forward to hug me, and then pulled my hand out, pushing an orange badge into it. “These people are ROBOTS!” I thought excitedly. One by one, I approached the Orangey people, and my little bag pack soon grew heavy. I looked around, and saw Jonghyun struggling as one of his new friends hugged him. It was such a hilarious sight!

Not long later, Heechul appeared again, and called for us to gather together. “Come, you interesting humanoids! Let us see who the two lucky ones are.” He tugged at his shirt, and then took it off with a swing, leaving all four of us shocked and awed. Heechul opened his chest, and then bag by bag, threw the souvenirs in it. Daniel was so fascinated, he watched, but the other three of us turned, using the excuse of giving Heechul some privacy. Our faces were flushed so red, just like tomatoes. After a while, he announced the results. “Sooyoung, you’re the WINNER! I seriously can’t believe you’ve got 50 new friends! You are also our top scorer in the game so far. Also, Stephanie, you are second, with 48 new friends.” I turned around to face Jonghyun and Daniel, shocked that we would have to leave each other so quickly. Both of them smiled at me, saying “We knew we would not make it! Boys never make friends this quickly, even if they are robots!” I watched the two of them walk behind the quirky orange-red haired Heechul, wiping away the tears in my eyes.

Realising that I was all alone, I looked around, searching for Stephanie. “Stephanie? Stephanie!” A few of the Orangey people stared at me with their cross-eyes. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. “Sooyoung? Meet me at the really huge round building you see. I have something to tell you.”

Stephanie sounded like she had been crying. Worried, I ran all the way to the round orange building across the road. All of a sudden, a group of young Orangey children surrounded me. I was stuck in the middle of the road, surrounded by orange children. Just then, Stephanie appeared from the side of the building, a wide evil grin plastered on her face. “Did you think I would let you win like that? I could have been the first one, if not for you. I am going to get you out of this game before you win it. Only a nincompoop like you would think that I was your friend. Who would want to be friends with you?!” I was taken aback. I really thought she was my friend, my best friend! I looked at her with not anger, but sadness. Using all my strength, I pushed the children who were holding me back and walked away, out of those doors.

“Game Over! Player Choi Sooyoung, you have 76,784 points.”

And the applause kept coming. It was as if time came to a standstill at that moment. Sooyoung continued bowing, tears of joy falling off her pretty face. She had made it. Her dream was complete.
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