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21 January 2009 @ 10:38 am
*flashfic: the monster  
Title: The Monster
Author: vicvickyrox 
Rating: G
Genre: horror
Length: 213 Words
Characters: unnamed
Summary: She screamed once more, hoping for a response.
Author’s Notes: written for my British Council assignment: re-enacting a shark attack.

They were surrounded by a vast sea of red.
She was thrashing around wildly, her mouth, filled with salty, rusty tasting red water.
Moments of her young life flashed through her eyes as she felt her body being ripped apart by the heavy creature. She tried to waddle forward, but her movements were limited; she was defenceless. The creature gripped onto her legs, challenging her to move forward. The monster was thirsty, it wanted flesh.

She screamed once more, hoping for a response. Echoes of her shrieks were thrown back at her, leaving her defenceless. She could see her mother crying out her name, black tears streaming down her lined, worried face.
It was own fault for venturing in the vastness alone; she did not believe what the adults said.

As the last moments of her life flashed by, the huge monster threw her in the air, spraying bright red liquid all over. She gasped for another breath of air as she plunged into the deep, dark waters of the ocean, catching her last glimpse of the evergreen landscape she loved so much.

The aftermath of the incident haunted the hiding witness for years. He would never forget how red the sea was, and how the screams forced goose bumps on his skin.
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